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car batteryAs one of the more important parts of your vehicle, you should be able to detect when your battery is on the fritz. Have you walked out to get in your car in the morning to go to work in the Avon, Indianapolis, or Plainfield areas and found that it won’t fire up? This type of problem is usually indicative that there could be something going on with your car battery.

At Andy Mohr Kia, we know that you need to get to work, so we’ll help you to detect a bad battery and answer some frequently asked questions that will help you better diagnose what may be going on with your vehicle.

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Signs Your Battery May Be Going Bad

Before it’s about to die, your battery will show several signs that it needs to be replaced. Here are the top five symptoms of battery issues:

  • Headlights – You may notice that your lights aren’t shining as bright as they used to. This is one of the first signs that your battery is going dead, as it is no longer able to power the electrical system completely.
  • Slow Start – When you turn the key or press the button, is it taking awhile for the engine to fire up? If so, this is a sure sign that your battery needs replaced.
  • Corrosion – If you’re noticing a lot of build up around the battery leads (the plus and minus signs), this may be due to battery age. It can be cleaned off, but it’s time to start thinking about replacement instead.
  • Age – If your battery is over the 5-year mark and you’re noticing some of the other signs, schedule a service appointment to get it checked out.
  • Dashboard Light – If you’re noticing an illuminated block with a tiny plus and minus sign in it when you fire up your vehicle, and it’s staying on, there is something that is signaling your car that the battery is in poor condition.

Battery FAQs

car battery with meterThere are some common questions associated with battery service and we’re here to answer them!

  • How Often Do Car Batteries Last? – As a general rule, the lifespan of your average battery is about three to five years. They can last longer, but it’s important to keep up with the appearance and performance.
  • How Long Does a Battery Replacement Take? – If you schedule an appointment to have your battery replaced, it should take about an hour. Your service technician should be able to have the old battery out and drop the new one in, in about 45 minutes, but give them some time to clean things up and fill out their paperwork.
  • Why Did My Battery Die? – Sometimes the battery can die from lights being left on in your vehicle overnight, but for the most part it’s usually a result of age or corrosion.
  • How Do I Tell If It’s My Battery or My Alternator? – The best way to tell the difference is to jumpstart your car. If this works, then you’ve got an issue with the battery and not the alternator.

Our Service Center

If you’ve been noticing any of the above signs when you go to start your car, then it may be time to get your car in to see our service technicians at our on-location service center. Not only can we help diagnose any issues, but we can also perform any and all requested maintenance.

Do you want to know if your battery is in good working order? Schedule a service appointment so we can take a look. We offer four convenient locations in which you can have your battery service performed by certified and fully trained professionals. Our service technicians can take a look under the hood and diagnose your issue, efficiently and effectively.

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By using our online scheduling system or giving us a call, we can get your car set up to receive a battery check in the Avon, Indianapolis, and Plainfield areas. At Andy Mohr Kia, we offer a complete service center to help detect any issues you may be having with your battery or other parts of your car. Schedule today!