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Oil Change When your car is the way you get to work, that means it is the way in which you keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach. In that case, you’ll likely want it to keep functioning in the same way it did on the day you bought it. In order to do this in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Avon areas, you’ll need to find a reliable service center near you.

Look no further than Andy Mohr Kia. We not only offer tremendous service options near you, but we also have our Express Lane service where you won’t need an appointment and we’ll service your car while you wait. Check our menu of services to see what we offer.

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Oil Change near Me: The Importance of Oil Changes

Oil Warning Light The more you drive, the dirtier the oil in your car gets. Since the oil is used to properly lubricate parts of your engine, you can imagine why dirty oil wouldn’t be the optimal choice. Over time, this oil becomes heavy and thick and may also contain small shards of metal.

This thick and dirty oil can cause some issues within your engine if you’re not keeping up with regular maintenance. If the parts of your engine aren’t being lubricated properly or if they’re pulling dirty oil through them, then your car isn’t living as healthy as it should be and then runs the risk of engine malfunction or failure.

How to Tell If You Need an Oil Change

  • Oil Light – The first indication that you may need an oil change in a newer car is the oil dashboard light coming on in your car. This typically means that the oil pressure is low, so it causes the light to come on. While filling it with more oil may remedy your issue, you’d probably do better with a full oil change.
  • Dark Oil – When you pull the dipstick from your engine and wipe it clean, if your oil is in good condition, it shouldn’t be opaque. You should be able to see through the oil dripping onto your rag and if you can’t, then you need an oil change.
  • Loud Engine Noise – If your engine seems to be idling a bit louder or seems to be protesting to increased gas pedal pressure, it may be a result of poor oil quality. Sometimes, a knocking sound may be present to indicate that you’ll need an oil change soon.

What to Expect from Our Express Lane Services

Oil Change Service Your time is valuable. We get that. Perhaps, you’re out and about the town, running some errands when you notice a loud sound coming from your engine or your oil light comes on. You don’t want to risk driving home and making an appointment, so you want to get your vehicle underneath the roof of our service center as soon as possible. That’s what the Express Lane is for!

Not only can we change your oil while you wait in our waiting room, but we can also check your tires, your brakes, or your heat and AC system to make sure they’re all working properly. Through our express lane services, we offer it all and we’d be happy to help you get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Oil Change near Me: Come See Us Today

Whether you think you may need an oil change as soon as possible and you don’t really want to be without your car until we get to it, give our Express Lane service a shot. We’ll only have your car as long as it takes us to fix it, so you’re able to wait the repairs out. We’ll fix you right up and send you on your way back into the Plainfield, Indianapolis, or Avon areas. At Andy Mohr Kia, we know how important your car is to you and we want to help you as quickly as possible.