Kia Dashboard Light Guide

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Did you know that your car is equipped with a way to tell you how it’s feeling? It’s true. You just have to know how to decipher it. That’s why Andy Mohr Kia created this Kia dashboard lights guide for Indianapolis area drivers.

With the aid of this guide, Avon and Plainfield area drivers will have a better idea of what their car is trying to communicate with them and get it the care it needs to stay happy and healthy for many miles to come.

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Engine Oil Level Warning Light Illuminated

The Engine Oil Level Warning Light illuminates if the engine oil level is too low for the vehicle to operate safety and efficiently. This is a red light, with an image of a gas can with a wavy line beneath it, indicating liquid. If this light comes on, have your local Kia service center check the oil levels.

Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

dashboard thermometer lightThis light is also red with the image of a gas can, however, it does not have a line underneath it, like the Oil Level Warning Light does. The Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light means that the vehicle is not receiving sufficient pressure to run properly.

If this light comes on, pull over immediately and contact your local Kia service center to avoid severe and irreparable engine damage.

Charging System Warning Light

The Charging System Warning Light is a red light with the image of a battery and indicates that there could be a malfunction in the generator or electrical charging system. If this turn on, schedule service as soon as possible.

Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

dashboard lightsThis is a red light with the image of a dipstick being submerged in liquid. If the Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light illuminates, it means the engine coolant is above 248o Fahrenheit and may be overheating. Stop the car when it’s safe to do so and turn off the ignition. Contact roadside assistance immediately.

ABS Warning Light

The ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) Warning Light is a yellow light with the letters “ABS” enclosed in a circle. If this light illuminates, it indicates a malfunction with the anti-lock brake system. Schedule service with a Kia technician as soon as possible. Regular braking will still be operational, but ABS will not.

Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Warning Light

If you see either a red exclamation point in a circle by itself, or with the word BRAKE written beneath it, you may need to add brake fluid. This is the Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Warning Light. It illuminates while the parking brake is activated. If it stays on once the parking brake has been deactivated, schedule service.

Door Ajar Warning Light

The Door Ajar Warning Light informs you that a door is not securely closed. It is a red light with the image of a vehicle with two or more of the doors open. If you see this light, safely pull over and check that all the doors are closed before continuing.

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Hopefully this Kia dashboard light guide has helped to illuminate your car’s maintenance needs and will help to keep your drive around Plainfield and Avon safe and efficient.

Indianapolis area drivers who notice any of these lights on their dashboard can use our online portal to easily schedule service at Andy Mohr Kia today.