Kia Safety Ratings

2019 Kia Sorento Safety and HandlingAs you cruise around the Avon, Indianapolis, and Plainfield streets, it’s truly impossible to tell what the road might throw at you—and that’s why you need to get behind the wheel of a car that can really protect you.

The team at Andy Mohr Kia has put together this library of articles breaking down the safety ratings and features for your favorite Kia models. Click any of the links on this page to learn more.

Kia Optima Safety Ratings

Kia Sorento Safety Ratings

Kia Soul Safety Ratings

Kia Sportage Safety Ratings


Trusted Kia Protection

There’s a few key ingredients that play into keeping you safe while out on the road, and the Kia brand aims to incorporate all of them.

  • A rigid structure
    This is a necessity in the event that you do end up in some sort of accident. Your car needs to have the type of body that can absorb and redirect collision forces away from the passenger cabin.
  • Handling enhancements
    Precise handling is a must for safety, especially if you ever have to drive through inclement weather or on windy roads. From alternate drivetrain options to stability and traction controls, Kia can help you stay on course.
  • Collision-predicting technology
    Available across the Kia lineup, you can choose from a number of technologies that smartly predict when collisions will happen. When their included cameras and sensors determine an accident is imminent, the car may be able to act autonomously to prevent them.

Figure Out Which Models Have What You Want

Reading About Kia Safety FeaturesSince safety is such a huge draw for most drivers, it’s important to figure out which Kia models have the safety features you most want before you purchase.

You’ll find that some models might include more in their standard safety package than others or that one model puts more focus on handling and drivetrain than another.

These handy articles will break down for you exactly what each car comes with and what is available. Start reading now to complete your car-buying research.

Learn More About Kia Safety

It’s one thing to read about all these features. However, there’s so much that Avon, Indianapolis, and Plainfield drivers can learn when they speak to our team directly.

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