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Why Buy Your Tires from a Kia Dealer?

Why Buy Tires
There are plenty of independent tire shops in the area that you could purchase tires from. So, why is it recommended that you buy tires specifically from a Kia dealership?

First and foremost, we know the Kia brand inside and out. For that reason, we know the specifics of what kind of tires your car requires to perform at its best.

We carry all the top tire brands, such as Hankook, Kumho, and many more. We’ll find the right size and type of tire (all-weather, winter, or performance) just for your model.

We Have Road Hazard Coverage

Even when you drive very carefully, tire damage is sometimes hard to avoid. All it takes is one wayward nail or screw out on the road to put a hole in your tire. However, when you buy from our tire shop, we promise to cover these unexpected incidents.

Road Hazard Coverage ensures that if you get a flat, we’ll either patch your tire or replace it completely!

Our Pricing Is Always Competitive

One thing we pride ourselves on is offering excellent prices on all Kia tires. So, if you’re able to find a better price somewhere else within 30 days, we’ll honor it.

All you have to do is bring us an official quote from our competitor. We’ll then refund you the difference. Some conditions and exclusions do apply here, so be sure to contact our team for more information.

Tire Repair for Avon, IN

Tire ServiceIf you don’t think you need new Kia tires, but just need your current ones repaired, we also offer superior tire repair. Whether you have a nail in your tire that you need patched, got a slight flat, or have trouble with your tire valve stem, our Kia mechanics are here to help. Schedule an appointment online, and we’ll contact you immediately to get you into our tire shop.

Schedule Your Kia Tire Replacement Today

So, has the time come to replace the tires on your Kia? Well, our tire shop is ready to help. Avon, Indianapolis, and Plainfield drivers can get in touch with our team to determine what size and type of tire will be best.

Contact Andy Mohr Kia, your premier tire shop in Avon!

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